Gas Meter Essentials – What You Should Know Before the Next Big Earthquake

gas meter1 Gas Meter Essentials   What You Should Know Before the Next Big EarthquakeDiscover critical steps involving your gas meter that you should take to minimize damage and ensure your safety when an earthquake occurs. Most people say they are going to take the proper steps of earthquake preparedness before the next big quake hits, but the majority seldom do. Follow these simple steps that I reveal to you and you will be well on your way!After an earthquake, you will need to inspect your meter for gas leaks.If it is dark, bug out kits,it is very important to use the proper type of light to get to your meter. Use a flashlight powered by batteries only. Never use a candle, kerosene lantern or anything with a flame near your gas meter.

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Anything with a flame near a gas leak can cause an explosion. This includes a lit cigarette and even starting a car near a gas leak. Both of these can cause a serious explosion. Until you know if you have a leak do not even turn light switches on or off or even use your landline telephone. These can also create a spark and cause an explosion.For safety reasons, if you experience a severe earthquake it is wise to turn your gas off. Not all earthquakes will require you to turn your main gas supply to your home off though. Some questions to ask yourself are, “Do I smell gas?” “Do I hear gas spraying out?” “Is my gas meter registering increased usage?” If you can answer “yes” to any of these questions, then it is essential to turn your gas to the OFF position.I will cover how to do this next. Just remember that only a professional should ever turn your gas back on. In the case of a severe earthquake or natural disaster of any kind this may take a week or two before your gas will be restored.

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